Keeping within the Wedding Budget – top tips

Top tips – keeping within the wedding budget

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, you have chosen your dress, the venue and most of the suppliers are booked – life is great – your wedding is going to be great – and you just love buying bits and pieces here and there! But whoa! Stop the bus, the budget keeps creeping up and your partner is concerned about how you are going to pay this all off at the end of it.

While all those little things here and there don’t actually cost that much, they do add up over time and they can actually break the bank, so here are some scenarios to get you thinking carefully over what you need to spend on and what to not.

“I have seen the shoes to die for, they are just perfect and those sparkly bits are just going to look sooooo amazing in the photos – the only down side is they are £150, but hey it’s my wedding day, if I can’t buy expensive shoes for that, when can I”?

Well let’s just think about this for a minute; are they actually going to be visible under the dress, how many people are going to notice them when they are looking at your stunning outfit and are you really likely to wear them again? I am sure you can find some stunning shoes at a fraction of the cost.

“My Bridesmaids and I are going to have massages and spa treatments on the morning of the wedding, I have worked through the schedule and have time before we need to get ready, these are just going to make me feel so good and nice and relaxed before the ceremony”.

I know it’s your wedding day and you deserve to feel special and pampered, but are you really going to have time without having an impact on getting ready, and do you think you will actually relax knowing what is coming that day? Spa treatments and massages are quite an expense, so think carefully if this is an essential and if you will actually benefit from it as you expect.

“I just love these little personalised favours; our guests will treasure them forever and they will look amazing on the tables, they are only £5 more expensive than the ones my partner likes, so I think I will just go with these”.

£5 more doesn’t sound like a lot, but if you have 100 guests, that is £500 more to find, your guests are not going to mind if their favour is a small bag of chocolates or an expensive gift, they are going to love your wedding day because people they love are getting married, so maybe the cheaper alternative your partner likes are the ones to go for!

“I think that these large urns full of flowers will look amazing at the entrance to the aisle at the church, they cost around £200 each but I know they will be worth it and everyone will be wowed as the enter the church”.

Flowers are a stunning asset to a wedding, but think carefully about how much they cost and where they will be used, and how much they will be seen. Are the flowers for a church wedding going to be left at the church after the ceremony? If not how are they going to get to your reception before your guests, even though they cannot be moved out before your guests leave the church. Also is your florist going to charge you an additional fee for moving them? If flowers are only going to be placed in a ‘walk past’ zone, bear in mind that yourself and each guest may only see the flowers for around 1 minute in total, is that really worth the expense just for that minute?

“I am going to put personalised labels on all of the bottles of wine, I think this will be such a lovely touch”.

Personalising wine bottles is a nice idea, they will look great on the tables, but as before think of the cost versus reward, the first and maybe second bottles of wine may be picked up, emptied into the glasses and removed by the waiter who will put them in the bin. The life span of the label may be short lived and no-one will appreciate the cost and effort that you have been through in relabeling them.

So while there may only be a handful of examples here, you can see that it is easy to get carried away and pay for things that you think will make the difference, but actually you wouldn’t even notice if they were missing. It is true that it is all the little touches that make a wedding day personal, but as always less is more; do the things that you will remember and will have an impact on you and your guests, consider if you could spend that money better on something else, like additional canapés or an extra glass of fizz on arrival, or maybe just keep the money in the bank instead! The most important thing to make your day perfect is you and your partner having fun and there is no price tag on that!

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