How to cope when you are tired of Wedmin

How to cope when you have had enough of the planning:

After you got engaged you were singing from the roof tops and shouting; “I am the luckiest girl alive” “I absolutely love planning my wedding” and “my new career is going to be a wedding planner”.  Now though you can’t face even looking at the checklists, you have missed so much sleep that there is no way you are going to look like a beautiful blushing bride and every time your partner mentions something about the wedding you snap their head off!   You just want to go back to life pre Wedmin. So much for loving every minute of planning this wedding!

But please don’t worry, this is a normal stage of the planning process, you can come back from this full of enthusiasm and excitement again, and you will go back to looking forward to the wedding, I promise. So you may be thinking – how is that going to happen now?

Well, here are a few things you can do to get your mojo back:

  • Firstly, no-one is going to die if you just take some time out, give yourself a break for a few days or a week or so, depending on how far away your wedding is.
  • Get in touch with any suppliers that you have been dealing with, that are waiting for a response and tell them you are taking a break for a week.
  • Put all of your notes, checklists, magazines, and anything else wedding related away in a cupboard where you cannot see it.
  • Notify your friends and family that you are taking a break and do not want to talk about the wedding for a week.
  • Plan a date night with your partner and ban any conversation relating to the wedding.
  • Organise a night out with friends either as a couple or just you with your mates, and again ban the W word.
  • Relax and enjoy all of the things that you did before, what have you stopped doing since you started planning the wedding? Maybe re-start a hobby that you used to enjoy, go to the gym or just go shopping.
  • Perhaps have a massage or a spa day or do something that you find relaxing.
  • Get some sleep, have a few early nights, read up about deep breathing techniques to help you relax at night time, try to prevent your mind from thinking about the wedding while you are laying in bed, instead as soon as you think of anything relating to the wedding, change the thought to you laying on that sun bed in the sun on your honeymoon and how you will make the complicated decision of which cocktail to have next.
  • At the end of the week, I assure you, you will feel ready to get going again, your wedding planning spark will be back and you will be rearing to go with renewed enthusiasm.
  • Refocus your mind, go through your checklists and make a priority list so that you can deal with all of the important things first, without bombarding yourself with endless tasks that all need doing immediately.
  • Seek help from those that love you; ask around for volunteers and you will be surprised at who wants to help you, ask them to keep you updated with progress on their tasks so that you can relax knowing things are in hand and being done.

Planning a wedding is a really amazing adventure, there will be ups and downs throughout the process, but mostly up’s, it’s how you deal with the downs that is the issue; you need to make sure the hard parts are short lived and that you can move on happily to the next phase quickly. So going forward; ensure that you give yourself some time out away from the planning, keep up those breathing exercises and continue to enjoy those hobbies. There is still so much to look forward to, and yes you can retrain to be a wedding planner once you return from honeymoon, after all you will have learnt so much already!

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