Wedding Guest Dress Code

guests in whiteWedding Guest Dress Code

Weddings nowadays are full of themes and colour schemes, so what if you want to extend the dress code to your guests, how will they react and how do you go about asking your guests to wear a dress code.

The first thing is to choose a dress code that people will be comfortable in and can get hold of without too much trouble. Consider the time of year and how appropriate it is for those guests and how easy it will be to purchase.

I had a couple who chose to have all of their guests wear white, and the wedding party wore cream and the bride wore a soft gold. The plan was for the wedding party to stand out against the crowd and of course for the bride to stand out most of all. They detailed the dress code on the invite but unfortunately had a lot of queries from their guests, the wedding was at the start of June so everyone was going shopping in April and early May and of course none of the shops had white, so everyone, particularly the men protested. However everyone turned out beautifully in white, including all men and children, and it was amazing, the overall look of everyone wearing white was fantastic, and all guests could now see the couples thinking and agreed that it was worth the effort.

So while your guests may protest, keep in mind that you know what your vision is and how amazing it will look on the day, try to be as helpful up front with the guests about what you are trying to achieve, why and how they can get hold of the clothes they need. I can assure you it will be worth the effort in the end.

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