Reasons why you must have a photographer

Do I need a wedding photographer?

Many couples choose to keep the costs of their wedding low by having a friend do the photography, if you are considering this, then please take my advice; cut the costs somewhere else and have a photographer, in my opinion they are essential. I have seen enough crying brides now to realise that even though you have a friend who is great with a camera, they are not skilled enough to produce the images you are hoping for.

I have spent ages with couples trying to find one decent image so they can have at least one photo of their wedding day on the wall in their house. I have seen collections where the bride has a 5 mile an hour road sign behind her, the perfect loving look is ruined by a tatty old car in the background, the photo of the three cute little bridesmaids have bins behind them. None of these were noticed by the ‘so called photographer’ and don’t get me started on the photos after a few glasses of fizz, let’s just say drunken images don’t get much worse.

It is truly heart breaking to see these couples when they realise that apart from memories, all they have are some dodgy photos and an album full of blurred, wonky or just plain rubbish photos, and how they wished they had cut the costs elsewhere and spent the money on even the most budget friendly package offered by a photographer.

So please don’t let this sad couple be you, your wedding day is a once in a lifetime experience, surely you want to be able to treasure those precious moments for the rest of your lives, and gaze back at those beautiful photos with fond memories.

Come back to my blog soon to read about the different styles of wedding photographers.

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