Dream of wearing an unusual coloured wedding dresses

Brides Daring to be different?

Nowadays the fashion conscious bride does not have to wear white, ivory or even blush, there are a wide range of dresses available in a variety of colours. Maybe you want to be completely out there with a bold choice of colour, or perhaps the idea of a traditional white, cream or ivory dress just bores you stupid. So how do you make a statement but also remain classy and sophisticated and yet ensure that you still look like the bride, and not a bridesmaid or prom queen?

Well the first step is to think carefully about the colour you are choosing, how does your partner feel about it and how does this work with your chosen venue and style? Once you have chosen the colour, visit a boutique where they are able to help you with a coloured wedding dress, perhaps you have the budget for a dress to be designed and made especially for you, or maybe a white dress can be dyed to your chosen colour, take advice from your boutique, after all they are the professionals.

Consider how you will dress any bridesmaids so that they look different to you, perhaps they could have a simple or shorter dress, in a different colour so that you stand out as the bride.

Once you have chosen your dream dress, accessorize as any bride would do so that you definitely look like the bride.

Remember there is no rule book for choosing a dress, it is completely up to you what you wear and the dress should be a statement of who you are and it should reflect your personality.

So beautiful brides of today, what colours are you wearing on your big day?

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