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Protect your home, your family and your guests from fire.

Fire is a common cause of injury or death and we are hearing more and more often of fires in the home.  Apartment blocks and villas with bars at the windows, are difficult to escape from, so immediate alerts are incredibly important to give the occupants a chance at surviving a fire in the home.

Here at Costa Blanca Home Fire Protection we ensure that you property has the latest working smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors provided by Fire Angel.

Fire Angel are the leading supplier of smoke alarms in the UK, providing over 90% of the UK Fire Service with equipment.  Their products are tested and tested again, and price themselves on reliability.  This is why we only use genuine Fire Angel equipment, all Kite Marked and CE Marked.  These alarms are all installed with genuine lithium batteries with a 7 year batter life.

Our in-house retired UK Fireman Tim Dixey, who has over 30 years working with the London Fire Brigade says that “it is surprising in todays world how many homes, holiday or rental properties do not have smoke detectors nor carbon monoxide alarms in, when this takes such a small effort and little cost which could result in lives being saved”.

Fire safety is not only Tim’s expertise but his passion, he is determined to save lives here in the Costa Blanca by installing fire alarms and fire safety equipment in as many properties as possible.  So get in touch now and find out more about saving your beloved home, your family and your guests from life threatening fire and carbon monoxide fumes.


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