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The Wedding Planning Adviser Service is perfect for couples who want to plan their own wedding but need reassurance that they are doing it right and nothing is missed.

I will provide you with:

– Detailed initial consultation, either by Skype, FaceTime, phone or email.

– Discuss and review any arrangements made so far.

– Produce a Wedding Summary including the theme, style of wedding, guest numbers, budget and suppliers required.

– Create a Schedule of Planning, this is an extensive to-do list, but is much more comprehensive and is in the appropriate order of planning stages, this is made specifically to meet your personal wedding requirements.

– Advice and guidance in compiling the guest list, taking into account priority and budget.

– Produce a bespoke Timeline of the Day, which is an in-depth breakdown of the wedding day to ensure that there is sufficient time to do everything during the day, without leaving the guests stood around bored.

You will also received personalised advice and guidance in a variety of aspects such as:
– understanding the options available to you for each supplier
– adverse weather planning
– venue layout, decor and design
– gift list
– budget planning

– readings, choice of music and first dance
– table plan layout
– managing the attendee list and specific guest requirements
– confirming attendance, timings and requirements of each venue & supplier
– what to look for, ask and expect from suppliers